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A spit in the face of attempts to beautify black metal, OUTRE saw their dark art manifest soon after formation in Poland in 2012. After the release of their debut EP “Tranquility” and their split with compatriots THAW in 2013, OUTRE birthed their debut full length “Ghost Chants” in 2015. A hideous, disgusting album in all the best of ways, combining dissonant black metal with elements of sludge and blackened death, OUTRE display a vicious proficiency in their craft uncharacteristic of a band so young into their career.

Pairing with Debemur Morti Productions in 2015, OUTRE have since undergone some lineup changes and released the split “Sein/Zeit” with New Zealanders BARSHASKETH. In late 2018, OUTRE shall unchain their morbid new creation, "Hollow Earth", continuing to capitalize on their songwriting strengths while showcasing a greater sense of atmosphere. With another incredible record soon to be released, OUTRE show no signs of ceasing their audial onslaught.