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In The Woods... 

Conquerors of countless styles and sounds, IN THE WOODS… began in Norway in 1991 from the dissolution of Green Carnation. Their debut “Heart of the Ages” stands as a black metal classic to this day and brought a new style of atmosphere to the genre that hadn’t been heard before. Not to be pigeonholed, their follow ups “Omnio” and “Strange In Stereo” saw the band take their style in completely different directions, exploring realms of progressive rock, doom, and avant-garde stylings.

Dissolving in 2000, IN THE WOODS… lay dormant for fourteen years, before re-emerging in 2014 under the wing of Debemur Morti Productions. This partnership saw the release of “Pure” soon after. “Pure” continues the IN THE WOODS… tradition of defying expectation. Sorrow laden doom passages and psychedelic keys herald blistering melo-death riffing and everything in between, all accompanied by the powerful voice of the newest member of the band, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist James “Mr Fog” Fogarty. If “Pure” is any indication, IN THE WOODS… will be dropping jaws for years to come.