• SYBERIA - Full Album Stream

    04-26-2016 | Category: Syberia

    According to Soundscape, "Resiliency" is "an exciting and immersive instrumental listen that manages to hit all the right notes (...) Syberia is a band that is talented at what they do and...

  • SYBERIA reveal "Hyperion"

    04-12-2016 | Category: Syberia

    In a few days, we will release the long awaited SYBERIA new album, "Resiliency", and, in the meanwhile, give you the opportunity to discover a new track from this mesmerising piece of instrumental...

  • SYBERIA premiere "Aram Chaos"

    04-06-2016 | Category: Syberia

    The talented and inspired band SYBERIA have unleashed a first exceptionnal new track taken from their forthcoming full-length, "Resilency", which has been slated for release on April 22th.

  • SYBERIA unveil new album details

    02-18-2016 | Category: Syberia

    Four years after their debut album ("Drawing A Future"), massively acclaimed by critics, the geniuses from Barcelona, SYBERIA, are back with a prodigious and original second opus titled...

  • SYBERIA signs with Debemur Morti Productions

    02-04-2016 | Category: Syberia

    We are thrilled to welcome SYBERIA, the young Post-Rock/Metal geniuses from Barcelona, Spain, among the Debemur Morti Productions roster. We hope that, like us, you'll be spellbound by their...