• MONOLITHE - Full album stream

    07-11-2016 | Category: Monolithe

    "If there is one thing Monolithe has to show for itself, it is consistency over the last 15 years or so, and this new release just continues to show why they are among the best in the genre." (The...

  • MONOLITHE - Unveil "The Barren Depths" video

    06-24-2016 | Category: Monolithe

    Progressive Doom masters MONOLITHE are premiering an intriguing video for an edited version of the powerful and surprising song "The Barren Depths".

  • MONOLITHE - Video teaser

    06-09-2016 | Category: Monolithe

    This monstrous new album contains 3 stellar compositions : 1. Ecumenopolis (15') 2. TMA-1 (15') 3. The Barren Depths (15') Once more, the conceptual artwork has been realized by Norwegian...

  • MONOLITHE - New album details revealed

    05-17-2016 | Category: Monolithe

    A few months after the release of the highly acclaimed "Epsilon Aurigae", the French Cosmic Doom Masters, MONOLITHE, are about to release the second part of this ambitious project. Entitled "Zeta...