• MANII - Skuggeheimen OUT NOW !

    09-02-2015 | Category: Manii

    While we wait for their next masterpiece, MANII, rightly known as the new incarnation of the old Norwegian legend MANES, return with a wonderful 7" EP. "Skuggeheimen" contains two old MANES...

  • MANII - Skuggeheimen teaser

    05-13-2015 | Category: Manii

    As revealed some days ago, the Norwegian legend MANII (the "new" incarnation of the old MANES) joined Debemur Morti Productions and announced the release of a 7" EP entitled "Skuggeheimen". The...

  • MANII sign with Debemur Morti Productions

    04-29-2015 | Category: Manii

    Old school maniacs rejoice ! "Under ein blodraud maane" certainly rings a bell, right ? 1999, Norway. MANES' debut album. And damn! What an album it was !!! MANII is the new old MANES. The new...