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  • Tenebrae In Perpetuum / Krohm
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    CD Two artists of Italian ancestry combine to present a bleak, foreboding mutual vision of Black Metal. A unique appreciation of all things dark and ancient, this collaboration features three lengthy contributions from each act, forged into a reciprocal work of rare depth and craft. TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM proffer three odes paying homage to their musical...
  • Ruins
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    Digipack CD Roaring with venomous intent out of Hobart, Tasmania, RUINS blend an ominous Dark / Death Metal dynamic with robust, menacing and melancholic Black Metal. After a bleak winter of fertile creativity, the destructive Black Metal horde returns with its third full-length offering of dark, inverted Black Metal art.
  • Vetus Obscurum
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    MCD From the darkest recesses of Numinas’ (KROHM) fevered mind come four tracks of grim, pathogenic Black Metal art. Forged in coalition with his trusty acolytes Death (DRAWN & QUARTERED) and Nihilist (ex-ABAZAGORATH), "Blood Revelations" - the debut EP of VETUS OBSCURUM - escorts the listener in vivo on a journey through ancient woods to the palace of...
  • Way To End
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    CD Simultaneously sensory overload and sensory depravation, WAY TO END's "Desecrated Internal Journey" is everything its title promises... and more. With alchemical magick otherwise elusive to the impoverished, unwashed herds, WAY TO END weave sinuous, disarmingly dissonant spells of elevated-consciousness composition, "Black Metal" the starting point...
  • Tenebrae In Perpetuum
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    Digipack CD On "L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio", enigmatic Italian Illuminates TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM daub their black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. Supplemented by the ordination of new vocalist Ildanach, the high priests of sombre psalms merge the darkest shades from the colour spectrum into a frenetic fusion teeming with...
  • Helel
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    Digipack MCD Unleashing a torrent of noise from the decaying landscapes of the modern age, HELEL oppresses the unwary with four brutal tracks of industrialised insanity. Marching under the banner of the light bringer, "A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh" rages from the darkness, wreaking devastation with its tangible aura of atrocity and alienation,...
  • Blut Aus Nord
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    Digifile CD Trailblazing BLUT AUS NORD is ready to transmit a deadly new virus, injecting the exposed vein with a potent cocktail of dizzying virulence and urban decay. ‘What Once Was...’ constitutes an epitaph for the past; a headstone for the present; and a funeral of the future. With a cheeky sidestep - nodding appreciatively in the...
  • Blut Aus Nord
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    Digifile CD Third chapter from the series of underground recordings released parallel to the band's main body of work.