Amongst the contemporary Doom Metal bands, which arose to the world stage during the early 2000’s, French-based MONOLITHE, whose musical journeys opened up brand new horizons for the genre, stood out from the mass since its inception.

MONOLITHE’s music, grandiose, epic and transcendental, needs to be lived more than listened to. The first four records are a science-fiction musical saga that mixes heaviness, mysticism and complex structures tinged with hints of progressive flair. The listener is invited into a world of beauty, horror and nothingness spanning across the whole universe.

Formed in 2001, MONOLITHE is the creation of mastermind Sylvain Bégot. The debut album, “Monolithe I” was released in 2003 (Appease Me…) and started the series of 50-minute, single-track albums which would later become the band’s trademark.
“Monolithe I” was a well-received effort and MONOLITHE were able to establish themselves as a major actor of the international stage. With “Monolithe II” released in 2005 (Candlelight Records/ Appease Me…) the band maintained they did not want to become repetitive but intended to harmonize their saga by maintaining consistency in their lyrics and music.

With their EPs “Interlude Premier” (2007) and “Interlude Second” (2012), MONOLITHE tried to push the frontiers of the genre by experiencing and using unusual musical vocabulary. These two records have been, at the time, released on the Internet free of charge.

Heralded as a progression in continuity, the third full-length album “Monolithe III” (2012) marked the beginning of a partnership with Debemur Morti Productions. Again, the album met with universal acclaim, allowing the band to reach a new level of worldwide recognition.
The album has been since ranked amongst the Top 100 best Doom Metal albums of all times.

One year later, MONOLITHE unleashed the last instalment of its epic one-track albums saga, “Monolithe IV” (2013) which has been described as immersive, haunting and the perfect final chapter anyone could expect from the French Doom Metal masters.

Alongside this new single-track album, the closure of what has been called “The Great Clockmaker” saga has been celebrated with the reissue of the entire MONOLITHE back catalogue through Debemur Morti Productions. “Monolithe I”, “Monolithe II” & “Monolithe Zero” (including “Interlude Premier”, “Interlude Second” and bonus material) have been released with enhanced and congruous artwork crafted by Norwegian artist Robert Høyem.

That could have been the end of story.

But MONOLITHE was not done crushing the universe with its unrelenting heaviness!

Starting anew with the addition of 4 members, which joined the original core members (Sylvain Bégot – Benoît Blin – Richard Loudin), the band decided to continue with a new project and has spent most of 2015 recording TWO new albums respectively titled “Epsilon Aurigae” and “Zeta Reticuli”. Those albums will be released 6 months apart from each other, the first one being awaited in December 2015. These new records are a renewal for MONOLITHE, says the band, which announced a slight change of style and the withdrawal of the one-track albums format.

In addition to the new albums, MONOLITHE has decided to play live for the first time in its history. The event will happen all along the year 2016 in the form of a 7 shows-only tour. Don’t miss it!