There is the distant echo of a storm.
There is a spark that unleashes the fury beyond the mountains.

SYBERIA is that echo and that spark. The band from Barcelona makes their debut with "Drawing A Future"  (2012), a complete Decalogue of instrumental rock that consciously heels towards post-rock and post-metal. An epic liturgy of distortion and melodies as intense as a snowfall on the polar ice.

The record includes ten songs which grow and shrink, scream and whisper - songs which aim to provoke extreme emotions regardless of the song's length.  Stampede is  a  voyage. Colossus Collapse is a conquest and The Day after the End of the World is a journey back home. Two guitars, bass and drums. A devastating artillery devised to give you the goose bumps. The four
members of SYBERIA has been in other bands of the national scene, and that is always a guarantee when playing live.

The band has supported the likes of Caspian, Sleep Make Waves, Heirs or Constants.  Their debut album was performed in big Spanish Festivals like Dcode, BBK Live, Primavera Sound, Mareira Fest, StoneFest and Aloud Music Fest and their European tour included countries like Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Geneva and Belgium, being  part  of  the
prestigious Dunk! Festival.

SYBERIA music offers the same things they wish: energy, honesty, growth and freedom. Everything they've lived with former bands has been polished and refined, amplified and adjusted to express exactly what they mean to. The journey they've started will go from devastated lands to exuberance, from hope to anxiety, from brutality to gentleness. This is the future they imagine and promise.

Because SYBERIA is the constant threat of storm. (José María Carrasco, Rock Reaktor, Radio 3)