Dystopia Nå! 

DYSTOPIA NÅ! is an experimental black metal band from Oslo. The band released their debut, Syklus, in 2011 on italian cult-label Avantgarde Music in 2011, and recently released the critically acclaimed sequel, Dweller on the Threshold, on the same label.

Dweller on the Threshold is a concept album ticking in just about over an hour, a journey through many different moods and genres - ranging from soaring and dreamy Prog-Rock to frothing psychedelic Black Metal. Dweller on the Threshold has received full scores in Norwegian as well as international press, including Scream Magazine, Norskmetal.net and Progressive Music Planet, to name a few.

"...This album is so full of interesting moments that not a single second goes by without listening intensely, and picking up on all sounds and harmonies." - Scream Magazine (6/6) (translated from Norwegian)

"Dystopia Nå! have created a true masterpiece. The question isn't if this is one of the best albums of 2015. The question is if this is the best album of 2015." - Progressive Music Planet (10/10)

"For me personally this is a very sought after album, and in my book Dweller on the Threshold is the Norwegian album of the year." - Norskmetal.net (6/6)

"This album is totally awesome, an adventurous journey, full of ideas and moods and styles, all over the place! 'blackened' metal, jazz, ambient, prog, experimental, and everything else, all mixed up and mashed together into this one thing.. and it works really really well! it's been a long time since i've been so excited after hearing an album!" - Cernunnus, Manes