Blood Harvest 

  • Necrosemen
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    12" MLP A one-sided 12"EP offering 3 tracks of pure Black/Death. This entity took form in Switzerland in the summer of 2012. Worth checking out for those who salivate for material along the lines of TEITANBLOOD, WRATHPRAYER, BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY...or even NECROS CHRISTOS. Limited to 300 copies.Released by Blood Harvest.
  • Teitanfyre
    15,00 € In Stock
    12" LP The vinyl edition of the debute album of one of Russias most prominent Black/Death squadrons TEITANFYRE. The vinyl will include an exclusive bonus track, "Speaking Graves". Released by Blood Harvest.
  • Infinitum Obscure
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    Gatefold 12" LP This LP comes in a very nice gatefold cover, with a large, full-size 12-page booklet and an A2-size poster. The newest full-length from Tijuana Mexico's INFINITUM OBSCURE has finally been unleashed! An auditory manifesto of the end of humanity and the transcendence of the inner flame. Recorded by metal legend Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Morbid...
  • Black Vul Destruktor
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    12" LP Hailing from the Patagonian capital city of Nequen, Argentina. BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR play a dark & primordial Black/Death Metal with a very tribal and unique sound which is both interesting and distinctly South American. The band issued its first demo in 2008 and the latest EP "Bestial Obscure Metal Kaos" in 2012. The "Bestial Obscure Metal...
  • Malignant Asceticism
    6,00 € In Stock
    7" EP Conceived in 2010, the will of Chile's MALIGNANT ASCETICISM is whispered and executed through those who walk the left-hand path, called to spread the message. Influenced by the most sinister currents of black metal, Ascensum Serpens gets inside the most sublime subjects of spiritual elevation, through the mysteries of sexual magick. A conscious...
  • Masada
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    12" MLP Masada was conceived in 2008 by guitarist Chris Milewski with the intention of not only creating aggressive music, but also something that involved a sort of uniqueness and thought. Chris was soon joined by renowned drummer Craig Smilowski (ex-Immolation, ex-Goreaphobia, Rellik,) bassist Matt Dwyer (Rellik,) and vocalist Cazz “The Black Lourde of...
  • Luciferion
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    12" MLP In 2009 an entity rose to shine the Luciferian light upon the darkness in man. Through the Occult Waters of subconscious infinity comes; LUCIFERICON! Not much informations can be gathered about the band. It does features some current or ex members of such bands as Malicious Dream, Pentacle, ex-Excision and ex-Destroyer 666 in the line up. New...